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Perfect for small businesses and startups. The Scotty BusinessLine service is billed on a pay-as-you-go basis, with no monthly line rental or infrastructure requirements.


A cheaper, more efficient way to give staff cellphone allowances. Scotty also provides insight into call usage and assists with the elimination of personal calls. Scotty is tax deductible for businesses.


Use Scotty to give airtime to your kids and staff. Scotty offers full reporting, allowing you to keep a watchful eye on cellular activity. Always be in touch with your family.


We’ve been asking ourselves the same question for many years...

Why has nobody created a service to meet the ever-growing demand for good quality, reasonably priced, managed mobile communications? We have spent years crafting the Scotty BusinessLine experience for you, and we believe that we have managed to create the perfect balance between technology, quality and price.


Take a look at some of the features that we can offer you, that are truly unique to our product.


Scotty does not use voice over data (VoIP) to make or receive calls, all Scotty calls are made on real GSM voice channels so you get guaranteed network call quality.


Scotty provides you with a dedicated new phone number which allows you to keep your personal cellphone number private and separate from your business.


All business calls made and received on the Scotty BusinessLine app are available in REAL-TIME on your Scotty online management portal.


Scotty is a completely prepaid service. There is no monthly line rental charge “for nothing”, and you only pay for the calls you actually make and receive.


You set how to handle inbound calls to your Scotty number, and during which hours – receive them, forward them, or use Scotty as an outbound line only.


Your prepaid Scotty airtime balance will never expire. You paid for it, it is yours to keep!


What you can expect from the Scotty BusinessLine service

Scotty offers a complete, full-featured second telephone line on your mobile phone. Scotty differs from Voice over Data services (like Skype and WhatApp), in that we use actual GSM calls to connect you. This means exceptional call quality, suitable for business purposes, on each and every call.

Scotty is super versatile in how you can use it: Scotty can be used as a (line rental-free) replacement for your fixed business phone line from Telkom, a VoIP or other provider. Scotty can also be used by your staff to make business calls directly on your company account, without the need for tedious reimbursement claims or paying taxable cellphone allowances. And finally, Scotty can be used to automatically allocate voice call airtime to your kids and/or personal staff from a central account every month (which they are not able to convert to data!).

The Scotty BusinessLine app provides new levels of personal privacy: Scotty uses your dedicated BusinessLine number to make and receive business calls, keeping your own mobile number personal and private. Further, you can automatically observe business hours by optionally restricting when Scotty business calls are allowed to be received on your device, so that you are not disturbed in your private time, even though your cellphone is also your business phone device.

Business/Personal call handling by Scotty is extremely elegant: Scotty uses your regular contacts list - when dialling out, simply select between the Personal or Business call button. With incoming calls, the Scotty app automatically identifies and notifies you of business calls, allowing you to answer or screen appropriately. And Scotty calls will not be interrupted by another incoming call, unlike Voice over Data calls, that can often be (very unprofessionally) interrupted by an unexpected GSM call coming in.

Scotty billing is clear and transparent: Scotty does not charge any monthly line rental for your line and we work on a prepaid, pay-as-you-use model for all calls. Best of all, Scotty calls are cheaper than average, your airtime credit never expires, your credit can be shared amongst all the users on your account, and you can optionally set monthly spend limits for each user.

Get a true mobility solution. Your business line is now wherever your cellphone is.


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Scotty calls are charged at pure per-second billing. No call setup fee and no hidden charges!

If you would like to check our costs, merely enter the number that you wish to call in the field provided below.

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